What is farmers market dietitian?

This is a resource designed to empower individuals to utilize local resources for their benefit and the benefit of their community.  

About me

     Hi, I'm Mindy, a registered dietitian with a passion for produce. You might find yourself asking why farmers market dietitian? My answer comes in the form of some questions that I have been asking myself ever since I became a registered dietitian. Why are health and sustainability not more connected? Does it not make more sense to combine human health and the earth's health? For in limiting our carbon emissions and waste we are in turn cultivating a healthy habitat for ourselves. Not to mention the availability of land for growing food and filtering fresh water. Let's just say there doesn't seem to be much harm in making healthy choices that happen to keep you alive and your habitat livable.

      Essentially, for me, the farmers market is the perfect location for the collision of health and sustainability. It is my mission to facilitate the growth of that connection by connecting farms to those seeking health and connecting those seeking health to farms. So there, that is me in a nutshell (almost). Other things you should know about me:  I am a board certified registered dietitian with an advanced degree in clinical nutrition. I enjoy helping others find their food answers and want to give you some fresh ideas to do so. Head over to recipe share to see whats new!

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