5 Steps to Signing up for a Farm Share

Questions to Ask yourself before you start:

Which days are you available to pick up your share?

What are your values- Do you want the farm to be organic? Low spray? Small/Large farm?**

Which crops do you want? Some farms offer vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and flowers- others just vegetables. All should list their last year’s harvest.

Price per share $
 --- #Weeks per share
 =Price per week $


Find your nearest farmers market by doing a web search for markets near your home or workplace.


Now that you've found a market, find a farm. On the markets website, click on Vendors and explore options, searching for those with CSA* or Farm Shares


Figure out which farm is right for you based on your values** and interests. Review Last year's harvest list to see what is offered.


How much does it cost per week? Divide the weeks the share is offered by the total cost. Is this comparable to what you spend on fresh groceries?


Once you find a share that is conveniently located, offers what you want, and aligns with your values, Sign up! 

Set your schedule for a weekly pick up


Visit our recipe thread to prepare for ways to use your Farm Share 

Look out for future guides on how to get the most out of your share and more!

*CSA stands for "community supported agriculture" in short you are the community supporting the farm before the harvest

Now you fill in the blanks:

I can have                                                                                          crops for $                       per week for                weeks this year. I can pick it up on                      weekly and I will save $                   per week, Not to mention help the environment and support my local economy.

Need help? 

              Top Tips

If a share looks too large, consider splitting it with a friend or coworker. 

I recommend choosing a longer length of share over large quantities in a shorter time period. Getting those early summer and late spring vegetables can be really satisfying when markets aren’t open yet! 

**Do you want the farm to be organic? Small scale? low spray? family owned? The organic certification is expensive,smaller farms might still treat their vegetables minimally and small scale farms can use much less resources